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Science and engineering for homeschoolers.

Our Promise

Science is fun, and we’ll prove it.

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About Us

3 Things We Like:


Great learning happens when we’re enthralled, mesmerized, and amazed. Exploring the limits of a new frontier, we ask questions faster than we can find answers, and we keep diving deeper because we have to know where it goes. Our classes are project-based for hands-on exploration.


Great exploration is fueled by questions. How hot is a star? How fast is a wave? How strong is a rhino? We climb the next hill because we wonder what’s on the other side. Our classes are inquiry-based to teach the art of wonder.


One of the best ways to learn something is to explain it. One of the best ways to improve is to build on what others have done. Real life is a group effort. Real learning should be too. Our classes are group-based to build ideas, spark questions, gain perspective, and borrow creativity.

3 Things We Don’t:


Coercion is the opposite of exploration. Forcing people to learn is like forcing people to like you. It doesn’t work very well.


Regurgitation is the opposite of inquiry. Telling people everything they should think is like telling them they don’t have to. Repeat after me: reciting isn’t learning.


Isolation is the opposite of collaboration. Obviously. If you didn’t know that, you should definitely take one of our classes.

Charter Homeschooling

Did you know charter schools offer awesome programs for homeschooling!

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Meet the Team

Laura 01

Laura graduated in 2006 from BYU Provo with a B.S. in Physics Teaching. She taught Physics as a student teacher at American Fork High School and 8th Grade Integrated Science at Lehi Junior High School before becoming a full-time mom. In 2010 she wholly converted to homeschooling and student-led learning. In 2015 Laura started Wasatch Learning with her husband Spencer to teach science and engineering classes for homeschoolers full-time.

Spencer 01

Spencer graduated in 2007 from BYU Provo with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. While at BYU, he competed on the Formula SAE racing team, and participated in two years of Mini Baja racing teams. After graduating, he worked 5 years at Hewlett-Packard and then one year at Mark Andy as an R&D engineer in digital commercial printing. In 2015 Spencer put his engineering career on hold to start Wasatch Learning with his wife Laura to teach science and engineering classes for homeschoolers full-time.