Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enroll in Wasatch Learning classes through a charter school?

Many charter schools offer homeschooling programs that will pay for third-party provider classes, like ours. Check out our Distance Learning Series for details.

How do class enrollments work?

All classes are $308 tuition for the year.  To enroll, choose a class and pay $22 tuition to save your seat. Then choose a Class Tuition payment option to complete your enrollment.

Also, students can join our classes mid-year. Partial Year class tuition is calculated at $11 per week for the number of remaining weeks. For example, if you sign up 10 weeks into the school year, leaving 18 weeks of classes remaining, you would pay $11 * $18 = $198 for your partial year tuition.

Can I pay in smaller amounts, like a payment plan?

If you would like to pay in smaller chunks, you can! Select the Cash or Check payment option at checkout and pay in chunks that work for you at the door. Each time you make a payment you’ll receive a receipt and an emailed payment update. Once everything is paid, you’ll get a receipt showing your total payments for your students and classes. Please make checks out to Spencer Hanson.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

We do not offer sibling discounts at this time.

Where in Draper are the classes located?

Classes are done in our home near Oak Hollow Elementary. Our address and cell phone numbers are included in the confirmation email when you enroll for a class.

We know driving distances can be a problem, so we’ve tried to make it worth your while:

  1. Back-to-back science and engineering classes, which make an awesome combo.
  2. A nice family lounge with WiFi, a reading nook, work space, conversation area, game center, snack bar, and gated baby rooms.

Can we try a class before we enroll?

Sure! If the class of your choice has available seats, you’re welcome to come and enjoy a day with us to see how you like it. You’ll only pay if you decide to enroll.

What is your cancellation and refund policy for classes?

You can cancel your enrollment at any time for any reason. Once you tell us your cancellation day, we will refund you for any overpaid weeks.

Can parents stay the whole time?

Parents and guardians are welcome to stay. You can relax and mingle in the Family Lounge, or stay and observe the class. Whatever you and your children are most comfortable with is just fine.

How simple or challenging are your courses?

Our courses are designed to challenge each student at their level. Team teaching, group projects, and a mentoring approach make for a dynamic learning environment suitable for a wide range of skills and interests.

Can sibling of different ages be in the same class?

Yes. Our age ranges are flexible suggestions to give you an idea of the dynamics for each group. We leave it up to the parents to decide which age range is best for their child.

Are these online classes?

No. All of our classes are live in a classroom. We are offering a hands-on learning experience where students work together as a team asking questions and designing experiments to find answers.