Lending Library

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Join the lending library for $15 per year

Check out up to 5 items per week, September through April.

What is the lending library?

The lending library is a collection of rich learning resources, particularly items not needed everyday, that are more affordable for a group to share. We are focusing the collection on games, manipulatives, and books that are not available in the public library system. As more families join the library, the selection will grow. We hope the library will become a place your children will want to return to again and again to find fun, high-quality resources to help them on their personal education journey.

What do you have in the library collection so far?

  • Building toys including magformers, snap circuits, and a marble roller coaster.
  • Single player games including Pathwords, Lazer Maze, and Logic Links.
  • Group games including Quirkle, Ticket to Ride Europe.
  • Math manipulatives including clocks, balances, and fraction kits.
  • Hard-to-find books including Scholastic First Discovery books and the Value Tales.
  • Science and engineering equipment including gold pans, Cubelet modular robots, and a human torso model.

View the directory for a complete list of what is available. (Under construction)

How can I become a library member?

Become a member by giving a $15 minimum annual contribution plus your commitment to care for items and pay for replacement of lost or damaged items. Gently used items may be donated instead of money. Receipts available. Bring cash or check on your first library visit.

I would like to donate items instead of money. How does that work?

Donate an item priced at $20 (lowest sale price) or more from our Amazon list or Google Shopping list (under construction). Donated items must be in very good condition and include all parts. Verify and make arrangements with Laura.

What are the hours and location of the library?

The Lending Library is located at our home in Draper, and is guaranteed to be open whenever Wasatch Learning Classes are in session. See our class calendar for holidays. Email or text Laura to arrange times other than class times.

Class Times:
Monday & Wednesday: 10 am to 3 pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 1 pm to 3 pm

What are the rules? How does it work?

Use of the library is based on the honor system. You may borrow up to 5 items at a time limited to 1 per category, and return them within 1-2 weeks. You will be responsible to make a record of items borrowed and returned, taking care to verify that all pieces are included. After becoming a library member, we will send you an email with our address and details about how to access the library room. We will be teaching classes at home during regular library hours, so if you have questions please ask before you come.

Can I use library items in my business?

No, the lending library is for personal use only. We run the lending library at great personal cost of time and money in an effort to provide homeschool families a richer experience. Using our library for business would earn you a profit at our expense.

What happens if an item is missing or damaged?

First, we’ll give you some more time to find the item. Second, if the item can’t be found, we will shop for the best price and ask you to cover that cost.

How can I help the library grow?

Spread the word. The more families that participate, the more selection we will have.
Donate. Additional donations will be added to the library selectively (limited space). All donated items not included in the library will be offered to homeschool families.

The more the library grows, the sooner we can expand to a public location for easier access for everybody. We would like to expand the selection to include popular curriculum, montessori supplies, sheet music, and reusable craft supplies.