Distance Learning Series Part 4: Lumen Scholar

Lumen homeschooling

The Distance Learning Series

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Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Lumen Scholar Institute. This post is for informational purposes only, and hopefully serves you as a useful introduction. If what you see here interests you, definitely check out lumenscholar.org.

Post last updated July 20, 2016

About Lumen Scholar

Lumen is an online Utah public charter school for grades k-12. Students can choose to learn from teachers via online classrooms, or from parents via a more traditional homeschool setting.

Despite being an “online” school, Lumen has a Family Learning Center to help students and families interact and learn together around Utah. Lumen really emphasizes face-to-face student interaction, and is one of the things families love most about Lumen.

Lumen will also pay for supplemental education on your behalf, such as Karate, Science, or Engineering classes. No reimbursements necessary. The funds available for custom education spending varies depending on grade level: $700 (K), $1500 (1-8), $2500 (9-12).

Learning Supplies

Lumen provides students with laptops (5-12) and Chromebooks (k-12). Students who re-enroll for the next school year can keep the learning supplies they have borrowed from the school year-round, with the option to purchase them later. Some of this information may be outdated now. Lumen is still finalizing some of these details and updating their website.

Lumen Requirements

  • New applications accepted through September 30
  • Admission assessments are completed to help create your student’s customized education plan
  • Collaborate with teachers to create your student’s customized education plan, PALM (Personalized Assessed Learning Map)
  • SAGE testing (opt-out available)

Wasatch Learning Classes

Wasatch Learning is approved by Lumen as an Explorations provider. To enroll in a Wasatch Learning class, purchase a seat in the class of your choice and then complete Lumen’s paperwork. The paperwork with Lumen will verify that the class fits with your student’s approved education plan (PALM), and that you have enough funds to pay tuition. We will bill Lumen directly and reimburse your seat reservation once payment is complete.

Check out the comparison chart

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