Lower Elementary Science


Limit 16 students
Ages 6-8, flexible
Our Home in Draper UT (near Oak Hollow Elementary)
Classes begin the week of August 28th. See class calendar.

Course Overview 

All new course material for the 2017-18 school year.
Oceans (may switch to rivers if sponsored for the Trout in the Classroom Project)
Human Body
Space Travel
More Physics
See more details below.

All classes are $308 tuition for the year

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Class Description

Science is about exploration. It’s about probing the unknown for the thrill of discovery. It’s about observing, wondering, experimenting, and collaborating to expand our minds and understanding. In this class, students will explore science through hands-on labs, team work, and pure fun to catch the fire of life-long learning. Team taught by Laura and Spencer Hanson.

Oceans (may switch to rivers if sponsored for the Trout In the Classroom project)

  • Ecosystems: microorganisms to whales
  • Vertebrates vs. invertebrates
  • Raise brine shrimp or hermit crabs (class pet)
  • Social living in the ocean
  • Waves and tides
  • Deep-sea pressure
  • Water purification

Human Body

  • Musculoskeletal system (structure and movement)
  • Chemistry of bones and teeth
  • Nervous system (brain and electric signals)
  • Germ growing lab

Space Travel

  • Space station walk-in model
  • Empty space (vacuum chambers)
  • Astronaut egg (insulating space suits)
  • Bottle rockets
  • Astronomy (planetarium)
  • Laws of motion

More Physics

  • Magnetism
  • Resonance
  • Light phenomena

General Class Information

  • Classes run between late August and early May. In total there are 28 classes running 50 minutes each.
  • Weekly emails sent to parents summarizing what we learned and what we did in each class.
  • Classes are designed to be year-long.
  • Live projects will be kept in the classroom.
  • No additional fees. All supplies and lab equipment are covered with tuition.

Payment Information

  • All classes are $308 tuition for the year, however if you enroll mid-year, you only pay from your enrollment date forward.
  • Pay $22 toward your tuition to save your seat.
  • Choose a Class Tuition payment option to complete your enrollment.

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